Joe woke up for breakfast eating food and being retarded. He had green hair and what he ate is what so happened to be a cereal by the the name of Rice Crispy Crunch. Rice Crispy Crunch is really a manufacturing country for cereal where they exploit animal brutality in order to make their food. Many people are trying to stop this animal brutality, but the giant corporations owned by Jews control the whole leadership and businesses everywhere. The Jews are a minority throughout the west and control everything and try to make other white people hate themselves while empowering minorities to have superiority over us. Once one man called Hitler tried to kill them all, but he was stopped by the western Jews and the eastern Slavs. The Slavs are a people that always squat and drink lots of beer and have names that always ending in -in or they are called Boris. A bunch of slavic people were once united under a country called the Soviet Union, but then this man called Boris Yeltsin got stupid and destroyed the whole union. Boris Yeltsin was born in a town called Butka. Butka sounds alot like the word butt which is ‘funny ha ha’ for 5 year olds, but as people get older and mature they no longer see that as ‘funny ha ha’. Maturing is a process that goes through people to make them more like men. It is what separates men from children. Children are small people who are very easy to sympathize with. This is why many crisi always talk about thinking about the women and children. This was very much the incident when the titanic sank. The titanic was a giant boat that sailed from europe to North America but was destroyed by ice. Ice is the solid form of water that occurs when water is cold. As substances get colder they change form from more fluid forms to more solid forms. They transform from plasma to gas to liquid to solid. Solids do not flow at all. Flow is a thing that water can do when it moves. People in Africa have a hard time getting fresh water. They are surrounded by salt water, but because they are very poor they cannot purify it or do anything besides starving. People who starve do not have very good lives. However many people in America have problems of their own on a smaller variety but which they still worry of constantly. This is where the saying ‘first world problems’ comes from. The first world was a term which originally implied the United States and the countries aligned with it during the cold war. The cold war was not actually a war, but a long conflict on standstill fought through proxy wars between the Soviet Union and the USA. The USA is a country that was founded by thirteen colonies. The thirteen colonies were originally colonies of the british as they were colonizing the Americas and putting british people there. The british people there however formed their own national identity and broke free from the british in what is America. Ever since then America has been expanding westward. West is a direction which travels a certain way all of the time. It does not have a point which it leads to, but continues to rap around the globe at all points in parallel lines. This is unlike the directions north and south which come to a single point, the north and south poles. Santa is an imaginary person who lives in the north pole. He goes to people's houses and gives them presents on christmas while going down their chimney, eating cookies, and getting fat.  Being fat is a modern problem in many first world countries, especially America. This is known as the obesity epidemic. Obesity starts with the letter O, which looks alot like a zero. Zeros and Os are very similar symbols. However they are both used in the english language. The English language originated in the british isles which are several islands of the coast of Europe. Europe is a continent in the world. There are a total of seven continents in the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. However, Europe and Asia are connected by the same landmass. This leads many to want to classify them as a single continent known as Eurasia. There is a similar situation between south east Asia and Australia where several want to classify the islands as being closer to Australia than asia. Antarctica is a continent that is very cold and has had no countries exist there, or people until recently. Scientists have sent people to Antarctica in search of science. Even more people may go to Antarctica in the near future however because the earth is warming. This may mean that Antarctica may soon be inhabited. Global warming has been blamed on CO2 emissions. CO2 is a gas which is released into the atmosphere by humans’ factories. Factories were created during the industrial revolution to maximize efficiency. This had long work hours and little labour rights. However, in the modern day we have more offices where people get together and plan and work on computers than doing hard labour. This means that more people have labour rights. However, people have a lot more human rights than just labour rights. Starvation has been almost eliminated worldwide and poverty rates are going down. Africa is a major exception to these rules because everyone there is stupid and black. Except for the north which are all muslim terrorists and South africa which excluded all the black people and gave them mini countries. The black people in Africa are black. In the eyes of Kort the black people should not be liked by anyone because they are poor, stupid, and live on welfare. Kort is a person who goes to West De Pere High School. West De Pere High School is a school within the state of Wisconsin. The state of Wisconsin is known for making cheese, paper, and drinking beer. It may be true the most drunk city in America is Appleton. Drinking is an activity which gives people lots of pleasure. However drinking can harm a person's body and makes them act weird without thinking. A prime example of this a person known as Kevin Spacey who tried to rape someone. He blames it on being drunk and gay. Being gay is where you want to have sexual intercourse with people of the same gender.  However, everyone who is gay is also stupid and doesn’t have an idea how the world works or how to actually fit in with society. Society is a social construct that encompasses people and their workings into the idea that it is productive and has a meaningful goal. However, all that society is is a bunch of scammers who try to scam other people who also happen to be scammers. This is why people cheat on other people and lead to depression. Depression is a state of the mind where you hate yourself. This leads to some people inflicting self harm by slitting their wrists. This is funny because they are stupid. People, who hurt themselves because they realize that the world is made up of a bunch of scammers, are stupid.  So everyone in the world is hurting themselves, having depression, and scamming each other. Many people think that this is a bad thing, so they believe in a concept called “being good” and “world peace”. However this is very hard to accomplish and is unrealistic because many uncles will still drink beer and start fights and many asians will still beat their kids for having an  A-. Asians are a group of people who live in the continent of Asia. Asia is a continent that is very big and diverse. Many people live there such as Chinks, Gooks, Japs, Indians, Muslims, and Arabs. Anonymous Bob who is not an ethnic minority said the statement that “I have a friend named Bob who is fat and I killed him because he had diet-betes.” A diet is where people eat less/different food than they want to eat because they want to get more healthy. Healthy is an abstract concept where people have big muscles and aren’t fat. On the contrary, many people are really fat and don’t care. This leads to them having to go into carts around restaurants because they can’t walk and using grabbers while looking like privileged oblivious retards who don’t care about their life. They have lots of fat. If you have lots of fat it will make your body big, and the fat can be moved around separate from your body and skeleton, but is still attached. Muscle is not as flimsy as fat, but it still moves around when you flex. People who are fat do not get mad puss. Most people who get mad puss have really big muscles and are cool. They go to bars and drink alot too. Many people desire mad puss, but they can’t get it. This leads to dating website where people who can’t get puss meat up and share some together in a one night stand. There should be a popular gang banging online ‘dating website.’ It would be stupid. However is a pretty good website. You should go there if you live in a rural area. Rural areas are areas that are not in cities. Areas in cities are urban areas. Urban areas have big buildings that go up contrary to rural building that are wide and have big lawns with farms and cows. Cows are animals that are only female. This means that if you see 2 cows doing it they are gay. The opposite gender of a cow is a bull and they have horns and look slightly intimidating. You can milk cows however and the bulls don’t care. This shows that the bulls like sharing the puss. Bulls are really cool. If you live in an urban area, you should go to a rural area and pet a bull. Then you can go to a suburban area and live on a peace and quiet house. Then you will be part of the suburbanization movement. This is where people move to the suburbs. This is talked about in the class AP Human Geography. AP Human Geography is a class that describes the ‘why’ behind political movements and interaction of people and also talks about cultural diversity. However HUG(AP Human Geography) doesn’t realize that some races are clearly superior to others. The vice president of the confederate states of america once said, “ Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.” The Current vice president wants to use electrocution for gay therapy. Electrocuting people to not make them gay is clearly a genius idea. I don’t know why anyone in the world has not thought of this idea before him. This strategy should be also applied to muslims. Muslims are a group of people who believe in an alternate reality version of the bible where there is a prophet and this guy called Jesus doesn’t come into existence. Muslims cover their faces and fly planes into buildings. Because of how weird and different they are, they must be destroyed. This is why the nation of Israel was created by a bunch of Jews who controlled the whole nation of the UK. This is why Israel is super OP and wins all of their wars. Palestine is where a bunch of muslims went allack bu ackbar and tried to kill all of the stupid Jews who created a country for themselves and also have control over every country from the inside. The Jews who clearly had control over every single other country fueled their power into Israel and wrecked all of the palestinians. The Jews also want to free a bunch of people called kurds because they are also in conflict with all of the arab allack bu ackbarers. The Kurds are also muslim though and still go Allack bu Ackbar. This means the middle east is a giant problem for all of the Jews who control over the whole western world and control the minds of white people with CNN. The Arabs used to be ruled over by an empire called the Ottomans. However, the ottomans got destroyed the Jew ruled United Kingdom. This lead to the giant problem in the middle east. All of the middle east is in a giant war now. Also Iran has nukes and was like stupid with it for a long time. The Jews ruling America invaded them to check if they had nukes to save Israel from the Iranians. Also Iran doesn’t allauck  bu ackbar 100%, but they only allack bu acbar 50% because they also worship cows 50%.  Worshipping cows is where hindus sit down and pray to worship cows. They believe that people who have died are reborn as better organisms. One of the most cool transcended organisms is the cow, so they don’t eat them. They eat sheep instead. This is what they serve on burger in Mcdonalds. In Japan they have ink squid burgers in Mcdonalds. Japan really likes squids and ink because they make hentai out of it which is a really weird version of pleasure that humans get. Japan is an island that invaded a ton of people untill the Americas had to change it into a globalist country, so the Jews ruling america nuked it and transformed it into another Jew lead country. Japan, the jew lead countries is now super angry at China because they are not lead by jews but are instead lead by the mafia of asia. The mafia of asia is broken and stupid and is building a ton of islands. They also kicked this guy out of tibet who has a bunch of culture and sent him to nepal. He is apparently like a god or something. China, a country lead by an asian mafia, is super powerful because it is really big. It has a giant coast. Coasts are where the land borders the water. This allows for a giant navy. This giant navy allows for them to build a ton of islands and get super triggered at the Jew run USA. Russia, a formerly run by communist mafia, is now run by a mafia that is not communist and is instead run by ex-communist mafia. This ex-communist mafia wants its land back from the Jews and is trying to take back ukraine by invading them. Russians are also slavs so they squat alot. They also drink a lot of beer. Russians live in this very cold place called siberia. Russia has been deeply affected by the computer and new technology. This new technology allows for the sharing of videos and media which is corrupting the mind of the new generation. They are now all introverted pricks who only think of themselves and never look away from their iphone. They are all no longer starting to believe in god and are all becoming stupid protestants, mormons, and now agnostic because of the freedom of ideas from the new technology. There needs to stop being new technology innovations because it is making the stupid privileged people not be doing any work. All of the new people who are introverted only think of themselves and not of respect and religion, so they have kids before the marry. They do tons of drugs, have no respect for the elderly people. They are also disconnected from society and always talk about how other countries exist and how modern technologies like planes do good for the world and don’t just be used by territories and explode. Alex Jones is a clear exposure of the world’s bad things. He will give people IQ enhancement pills which make them more open to the world around them and know about the government. The IQ enhancements pills increase intelligence. Intelligence is measured in a thing called an IQ test which measures your knowledge which was taught to students through a public run program known as education. This allows people to go through school. Schools give kids tons of homework and are stupid because they are run by a ton of liberal teachers who have no connection to the students and just want them to all suffer in their hell of work. They give them tons of homework and don’t care what they think, so they can go back to  sitting on their ass and grading it. The principal who leads all of them is the biggest jack ass who just makes sure the teachers are having too much fun and walks around to look through the classroom. The main exception to this rule is PE and health where the liberals spit out stupid garbage that makes no sense and calls it fun. They tell people to use birth control, but this is clearly immoral and everyone should not use it. Everyone should go get aids and kids and take care of them and not have fun or drink if you are mormon. Mormons are stupid and idiots. The Jehovah witnesses are also stupid. They go up to everyone's door steps and say follow me to stupid dumb land, and if you say go away they will give you a ton of flyers and try to have you be retarded along side them. The amish are like look at all of this technology and decide not to use it like good people, but they dress like people from 1,000,000 years ago and ride in carts on roads just to get stared at by looking like weird idiots from people who have never seen a phone. Another groups of people who are stupid are vegans. They do not want to eat milk because they believe that animals are important yet they are not hindu cow worshippers and hindu cow worshippers are not vegan. The vegans do not want to milk cows though or drink that because they are stupid and think it's cruel. They believe that animals matter and are clearly don’t know about drugs and stuff and don’t know about real problems like muslims. Vietnamese are a bunch of people who eat dogs like this one person at our school. They also believe in ghosts and are all commies like the Chineses. They are all wanna be Chinks even though china is stupid. Vietnamese fought a war and ended up being commie. CNN is fake news and talks like joe.