Welcome to HOYVUX.COM

The forums were taken down due to lack of use as well as a server change. I am too lazy to reinstall phpBB on this server. Yes, this is just an edited Apache default page.

Site Overview

Here you can find your favorite music, your favorite random nonsense, and soon your favorite games. Our extensive music library features the greatest hits of artists such as "Larz" and "Kyle."

All of these things can be found below:

Other Stuff

Larckson.com is a good site if you are looking for really garbage video games. The design of that website is so bad that it is somehow worse than this website.

I got a 3D printer recently, so I might add a section to the site for garbage to 3D print.


I don't know why I put this section here. I do not want anyone to contact me. There is no contact information here.